In 2011 the population was 2.77 crores. The total population of Barnala district is 5.96 lakh (census 2011) and this is lower than any other district of Punjab. The year wise data collected by the Deputy Economics & Statistical Advisor, office at the District level offices and compile the data and prepared the statistical document. ... he said the virus can infect up to 87 per cent of population of Punjab and other states. The following list sorts all the cities in the Pakistani province of Punjab with a population of more than 100,000 according to the 2017 Census.As of March 15, 2017, 58 cities fulfill this criterion and are listed here. Pathankot Lockdown should continue, Punjab will allow district-wise relief to farmers: Amarinder Singh. The next population survey will be done in 2021. Literacy rate in rural areas of Rupnagar district is 80.78 % as per census data 2011. Punjab is one of the State/UT in India, find the state complete info such as no. Punjab Population & Literacy Rate 2018 Right now, the estimated population of Punjab is 3 crore. The total population per the 2011 census is 2.77 crore. Ranking. He said the state was expecting a bumper crop of 185 lakh tonnes of wheat and is making arrangements for harvest of the crop. of villages, total village population, total households and area covered by the state of Punjab District-wise List of all Villages in Punjab Get Comprehensive District Level Socioeconomic Statistical Data Information of Each District in India Based on Demographics, Population, Agriculture, Industries, Education, Crime, Income, Health Economy, Bank, etc. v The Female Cattle (Cows) Population has increased by 6.52% over the previous census (2007) and the total number of female cattle in 2012 is 122.9 million numbers. The National Institution for Transforming India, also called NITI Aayog, was formed via a resolution of the Union Cabinet on January 1, 2015. Ludhiana city is the administrative hub of the district and largest city in the state. District-wise Census Data of Key Indicators, India, 1901-2011 Punjab This dataset covers both Decennial Population by Census and Population across various districts in India 6. According to Census of India 2011, Population of Haryana was recorded at 25,353,081. District wise population, Jammu is the highest populated district with close to 1.7 Million population (est 2019), followed by Srinagar with 1.2 Million, Ananthnag and Baramulla with around 1 Million each. The growth rate of the SC population during the decade of 1991-2001 at 22.4 per cent is higher by 2.3 per cent if compared to the overall growth rate of the total population. The statistical data, graphs and charts shown offer the information on almost all socio-economic parameters of a district in a very handy format. These documents are very useful for, researcher, socio-Economics Analyst and students. Gurdaspur. A district of the Punjab state of India is an administrative geographical unit, headed by a Deputy Commissioner or District Magistrate, an officer belonging to the Indian Administrative Service.The district magistrate or the deputy commissioner is assisted by a number of officers belonging to Punjab Civil Service and other state services. Patiala is having population of 18,95,686 as per 2011 census. Population. Data values are in number ;NA Not Available, Source: Economic and Statistical Organisation and Director Census Operation, Punjab District-wise No. District at Glance (1998) › Punjab. Data values are in Sq. District-wise Male Population from 1971 to 2011 csv The Scheduled Castes in the State are predominantly rural, as 75.7 per cent of them live in villages. kilometer; NA: Not Available; Source: Economic and Statistical Organisation and Director Census Operation, Punjab. District-wise distribution of the SC population shows that they are 2. Explore interesting facts & figures on … Pakistan: Administrative Division Contents: Provinces and Districts The population of the provinces, federal territories, districts and agencies of Pakistan by census years. Population, Religion, Caste, Literacy, Sex ratio data of Faridkot District as per Census 2011 The child population comprises 11.22 % of total rural population of Rupnagar district. It is the largest district area wise also in Punjab. of Christian (Urban) Population from 1991 to 2011 csv Addressing a press conference through video conference, Singh said Punjab will allow district-wise relief from lockdown only to farmers to allow them for harvesting of Rabi crop. As per Census of India 2011, Faridabad is the largest district in the state with a total human count of 1.79 … Select any of the Punjab's district to find the Pin code, address and map details. Ferozepur is the biggest district of Punjab state with 9.58 percent area of the state under it.Geographically, the district is 220 km lengthwise and 30-40 km width wise.The river Satluj also has head work at Hussainiwala which was constructed in 1927 for taking the water of the river to Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan. 356.30 All India (Pre Capital per month) Urban Rs. Out of which 1002522 are males while 893164 are females. District at a glance Vehari. Punjab accounts for 2.3% of the total population and 4.3% Scheduled Caste population of India. Gender wise, male and female literacy stood at 86.74 and 74.35 percent respectively. Punjab District FactPage TM: Ludhiana District This two-page report in A-3 paper size format comprises the basic information of a particular district. Faridkot district of Punjab has total population of 617508 as per the Census 2011. Note: Poverty: All India (Per capita per month) Rural Rs. The official statistics of 2010 count Punjab’s population at 93 million, 32 per cent of which lives in south Punjab. 1.4 Sector-wise Exports from Punjab 4 1.5 Rural India – Interstate Variations in the Incidence of Unemployment 5 1.6 State-wise Unemployment Rate Among Youth 6 1.7 Ranking of Blocks in the State on Development Scale (Amritsar District) 11 2.1 Distribution of Sample Households, Population by Gender and Villages 13 District at a glance T T Singh. Patiala district of Punjab has total population of 1895686 as per the Census 2011. List of all Tehsils in Patiala District of Punjab. Firozepur District is the largest district in the state while Kapurthala is the smallest district in the state. Most populous district in Punjab Ludhiana district with an estimated population of 3,498,739 (2011) is the most populous district in the state. Last Updated On: 27/12/2014. In this way, the proposed province will have a population higher than that of Balochistan; although it rubs shoulders with this largest area-wise province of the country in backwardness and shortage of facilities. District. District-wise Goat Population (164.82 KB) District-wise Pig Population (148.67 KB) District-wise buffalo population 2019 (122.65 KB) District-wise cattle population 2019 (356.41 KB) District-wise Sheep Population (163.44 KB) Village and Ward Level Data [Male & Female] (59.7 MB) Population, Religion, Caste, Literacy, Sex ratio data of Patiala District as per Census 2011 of Females per 1000 Males: Rural: Urban: Total: Gurdaspur: 21,03,455: 1643882: 655144: 2,299,026 District-wise Ranking and Population in Punjab – 2011. Out of which 326671 are males while 290837 are females. In 2011 there were total 372293 families residing in Patiala district. 538.60 * The poverty line (implict) at all-India level is worked out from the expenditure class-wise distribution of persons (based on URPconsumption I.e.consumtion collected from 30 day recall period for all items) and the poverty ratio at All-India level. The icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, urbanization). Punjab is the largest populated province of Punjab. The decennial growth rate of SC population in the State was 26.06% as compared to 13.89 % for the State as a whole. Other demographic statistics of the district: Administrative […] Home > Sector Overview > Sector-wise detailed information > State-wise, District-wise List of Blocks with >40% SC population State-wise, District-wise List of Blocks with >40% SC population … In this video u will found the list of all district of Punjab with population ranking. ... Population Census. The Scheduled Caste population in Punjab is 88.60 lac which is 31.94% of the total population (277.43 lac) of the State. The state of Punjab measuring 50362 sq km in area is divided into 22 districts. District: 2001: 2011 % Increase in Population (From 2001 to 2011) No. v The Female Buffalo population has increased by 7.99% over the previous census and the total number of female buffalo is 92.5 million numbers in 2012. List of all Tehsils in Faridkot District of Punjab. According to studies, Punjab has the lowest increase rate in terms of population. Hindu followers (87.45%) constitute majority of population in the state. 1621725. punjab 17,103,835 55,958,974 54,046,759 6,709 110,012,442 73,621,290 103.54 2.13 ... table - 4: district wise population by sex and rural/urban census - 2017 punjab administrative units population 1998 1998- 2017 average annual growth rate sex ratio 2017 population - 2017 households Barnala is the smallest district of Punjab population wise. In 2011 there were total 120893 families residing in Faridkot district. Supervision of Punjab Districts A district of the state of Punjab in India is a political subdivision in the state. Largest district of Punjab Ludhiana is the largest district of Punjab both by area and population.

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